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Savage Chickens
Posted by madresal on 2009.02.21 at 12:27
Is there a lj feed to Rosie's blog? If not, could someone with a paid account create one? Thanks in advance!

WTS Kitty! by slow_mo_panda

Rosie Live!

Posted by slow_mo_panda on 2008.11.25 at 10:49
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Looking forward to tomorrow night! Don't miss Rosie's new show! Anyone have any thoughts? Comment here!

The View

Posted by sara_ramirez_1 on 2007.07.08 at 00:08
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So why is ABC conviently not reruning any episodes with rosie in them... so freaking annoyed with that!!!

A link from Rosie's blog

Posted by jessica7773 on 2007.06.22 at 17:07


hillary laughing
Posted by chelsea_energy on 2007.06.13 at 11:24
New cover image for Celeb Detox on Amazon


Rosie "obsessed" with Boston's Dresden Dolls!

Posted by indecisean on 2007.06.11 at 22:51
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Not sure how many of you folks saw THIS, but I thought it was pretty cool...apparently after seeing The Dolls on opening night of True Colors, Rosie is obsessed! HAHA

ANYWAY, for those of you unaware...hell, for those of you aware...Cyndi's taken out an awesome band on True Colors, The Dresden Dolls. Check 'em out before you go to the show if you haven't already...
They just debuted their new music video today (a twisted homage to David Lee Roth's "California Girls")...check it out!

hillary laughing
Posted by chelsea_energy on 2007.06.04 at 10:43
Rosie O'Donnell documenting 'interesting year'

NEW YORK (AP) -- Rosie O'Donnell has had "an interesting year," she confided Sunday, and a lot of it will be in her new book, "Celebrity Detox," coming this fall.

Speaking at a breakfast gathering at BookExpo America, the publishing industry's annual national convention, O'Donnell said her long-delayed memoir on fame will not be "vindictive" or "mean-spirited," but will offer a candid look at her very public life, including her brief, battling stint on "The View."

"It is, in fact, a drug," she said of fame, and spoke of seeing peers so radically, and scarily, transformed by celebrity that they looked like victims of "crystal meth." (Watch what O'Donnell has to say about her last day Video)

O'Donnell, looking healthy but tired on a Sunday morning, noted that her book was supposed to come out a few years ago, but she decided it was not ready, not quite "cooked." Her time on "The View" convinced her she was ready to start baking again. She called the book "half blog," half "straight" writing.

Last month, O'Donnell ended an eight-month tenure on "The View" that lifted the show's ratings and, perhaps, the blood pressure of show creator Barbara Walters. O'Donnell feuded with Donald Trump and frequently had snippy exchanges with the more conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"We've had to change the epilogue," she said of "Celebrity Detox," then joked that her next career move would be "auditioning for 'The Apprentice."'

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

hillary laughing
Posted by chelsea_energy on 2007.06.01 at 20:52

I found 11 icons lying around...Collapse )

hillary laughing

Celeb Detox

Posted by chelsea_energy on 2007.06.01 at 15:51
FYI Celebrity Detox: The Fame Game now has a cover image posted on its Amazon.com page.

hillary laughing
Posted by chelsea_energy on 2007.05.29 at 19:02

(Second from the left, Star Search 1984)

More fun pictures just causeCollapse )

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